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The City of Santa Ana is blessed with dry, hot summers and winters that are mild with just the right amount of rainfall. That said, the city’s flat and low-lying landscape, as well as the hot semi-arid climate, makes Santa Ana the ideal place for backyard swimming pools. Many of Santa Ana’s homeowners opt to build backyard pools where they can entertain guests and soak up the sun in their own private paradise.

Here at Pool Plaster Central, we offer superior pool services to help make your backyard a resort. Our expertise includes pool plaster and pool remodel. We see the potential in every property and are experts in turning old and boring backyards into pristine private pools. Contact Pool Plaster Central today and find out what your options are through our Santa Ana Pool Services.

Santa Ana, California

Fully developed, Santa Ana offers a busy landscape that has everything from residential homes to commercial buildings, shopping centers, high-rise offices, to entertainment centers. That said, after a busy day in the downtown area, there’s no better way to relax than to soak up in your private pool. However, keeping up with pool maintenance and pool remodeling in such a busy location may prove to be difficult.

Pool Plaster Central offers Santa Ana Pool Services tailored to help you maintain your swimming pool through our weekly cleaning solutions and our specialized pool maintenance services, we have got you covered from start to finish. The way we take care of your pool is the same way we take care of ours. Interested to know more? Check Costa Mesa Pool Plastering page to see our professional quality pool solutions.

We offer the best swimming pool services in the Santa Ana area. In fact, we don’t just clean and maintain your pool, we can also help with swimming pool repair and renovation, from water features, saltwater systems, pool pump and equipment, pool heating system, to pool lighting, we’re here to help you with everything related to pools. We’ll also help you spruce up your private pond from new pool interior installation to professional quality pool deck restoration. Get the best Santa Ana Pool Remodel service – sign up with Pool Plaster Central!

Pool Remodeling for the Busy Pool Owner

While pool remodeling can be a DIY project, it will demand a lot of time and effort – especially when your remodeling project includes pool coping and pool decking. That said, the amount of work and the time it takes to complete your Santa Ana Pool Remodel project will vary. If we’re talking about the simple replacement of old patio furniture and fixtures as well as the installation of pool lights, you can complete the project in a few days. However, a DIY pool remodeling project that involves pool resurfacing and the application of new pool plaster may take a week or two.

Luckily, pool professionals like Pool Plaster Central offer comprehensive pool remodeling services so you won’t have to worry about renovating your pool yourself. We offer swimming pool remodel solutions including the installation of high-end pool finishes like pool plaster, pool pebble, and pool tiles. If you’re interested to know more about our swimming pool remodeling services and how we can breathe new life into your Santa Ana pool, here are some of the things that we do to help improve your pool’s aesthetic quality and overall longevity.

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