Pool Tile: Everything you Need to Know

While all ceramic tiles can be used for almost all wet and damp areas, you simply just can’t use any kind of ceramic tile on a swimming pool. Swimming pools use specialized pool tile that are specifically manufactured to withstand the pool water’s chemical chemistry as well as the freezing temperatures when the pool sits outside in frigid temperatures. Swimming pools also bear a certain amount of pressure from the pool water and the pool pump which may cause the average ceramic tile to break.

We at Pool Plaster Central use only certified tiles for your swimming pool to ensure an outstanding aesthetic appeal and the longevity of the pool tile’s structural integrity. At an average, a swimming pool tile can last for about 10 years, as long as the plaster installed in your pool. However, compared to the average plaster, swimming pool tile will retain a better cosmetic value over time as the average pool plaster can easily stain while your pool tile won’t. That’s why choosing the right tile for your pool is important and many swimming pool owners even choose to use pool tile over pool plaster during pool remodel projects even though it can have a more expensive upfront cost.

Pool Plaster Central offers pool services that can help you with selecting the perfect swimming pool tile for your pool as well as with the process of installation to ensure the best results. We source the best varieties of pool tiles and use tried and tested methods in applying the pool tile. If you want to know more about swimming pool tiles and how we can help you with your swimming pool, contact Pool Plaster Central today so we can talk about your swimming pool tile options. In the meantime, here are a few reasons why you should consider Pool Plaster Central as your pool pro of choice.

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Pool Tile FAQs

What kind of tile can be used in a pool?

While tiles, in general, are used in wet areas, not all tiles can be used in swimming pools. That said, swimming pool tiles must conform to the conditions of the swimming pool and the swimming pool water. Pool water is usually treated with chemicals and the average ceramic tile will easily wear in these conditions. That said, there are special tiles that are designed and engineered to use in pools. Common pool tiles include glass pool tiles, porcelain pool tiles, and stone pool tiles.

How much does pool tile cost?

Like all swimming pool projects, the cost of pool tiles vary depending on how large the pool is and how much work is required to tile the pool. On average, swimming pool tile installation costs somewhere around $15,000. However, pool tiling projects on larger pools and those that use more expensive materials can get you somewhere around $70,000. Here are some estimates on pool tile costs depending on the materials used.

  • Porcelain pool tiles – $1.60 to $56.00 per square foot
  • Glass pool tiles – $7.00 to $50.00 per square foot
  • Stone pool tiles – $5.00 to $30.00 per square foot

How long do pool tiles last?

In ideal conditions, most swimming pool tiles can last you an average of 5 to 10 years. That’s assuming that the pool water is regularly checked and water chemistry is routinely checked. Glass pool tiles are even more durable and will prove to last longer than other varieties of pool tiles like porcelain and natural stone. The key to maintaining longevity in swimming pool tiles is proper pool water balance since the number one enemy of pool tiles is calcium buildup.

Why do pool tiles fall off?

It’s not normal for pool tiles to just fall off all of a sudden especially when the pool tile is installed properly and by a certified and licensed professional who knows what they are doing. Usually, pool tiles fall off the pool walls for a reason. Falling off of pool tiles can happen mostly to outdoor pools for the following reasons.

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Damage to the swimming pool
  • Natural calamities
  • Tree roots penetrating the concrete
  • Failure of the pool tile adhesive
  • Improper draining and pool startup
  • Improper draining and pool heating
  • High water table
  • Problems with the pool deck

A thorough inspection of the pool area by a swimming pool professional will help you spot and identify the reason or reasons why the pool tiles fall off. We at Pool Plaster Central can help you identify the reason why your pool tiles have fallen off and help you install new pool tiles that will last longer.

How do you clean pool waterline tiles?

Waterline tiles can develop unsightly discoloration usually in the form of a scale or stain. The purpose of your waterline tile is to protect the pool plaster from these stains and smears as pools are often finished using a white plaster and this form of discoloration can significantly affect the pool’s aesthetic and cosmetic value. These stains are often categorized as calcium silicate and calcium carbonate. Knowing just what causes the stains will help you understand how to clean your waterline tile.

First, if the accumulation of the stains and the scaling is only minimal, cleaners found within the household can be used. These include baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste, and dishwashing soap. Use them with a toothbrush to scrub off any remaining scaling and stains.

Next, if the scaling and stains are still there, you can use commercial tile cleaners that are often available at your local hardware or pool store.

Lastly, you may call the help of pool professionals in removing these stains using tried and tested methods. Pool Plaster Central can help you clean your waterline tiles with our professional-quality services.

Here are different kinds of swimming pool tiles
that you can use on your swimming pool

Glass Swimming Pool Tile

Glass Swimming Pool Tile

Glass pool tiles are commonly used in various swimming pools for its aesthetic benefits. One of which is its ability to add shine and shimmer to your swimming pool.

Here’s how.

Glass tiles reflect the light from the water adding a certain dimension that you won’t find on other swimming pool tiles. Often used as a waterline tile, glass swimming pool tiles are also a good choice for use as a tile to cover the entirety of the swimming pool’s surface. The same dimension it adds when used as a waterline tile can be expected while glass tiles are submerged under pool water. The sparkling effect it has on your swimming pool water makes it more inviting if not a more tempting especially on a hot summer.

Glass pool tiles can survive the chemicals in the pool water making it suitable for both the walls, floors, and the steps of your swimming pool.

Glass tiles also come in various colors and patterns allowing you better pool customization and an upgrade from your standard white pool plaster and even pool pebble. Glass tiles give your pool the accent it deserves.

Porcelain Swimming Pool Tile

Porcelain Swimming Pool Tile

Another variety of pool tile seen on most swimming pools is made from porcelain and offers a different aesthetic value from what glass tiles do. Where glass tiles offer the shine and shimmer of a stunning pool, using pool tile made out of porcelain emanates a different air of sophistication. Porcelain pool tiles are often opaque whereas ones made from glass are often translucent.

That said, you can expect your pool to exude a different kind of elegance when you apply porcelain pool tile. They often come in neutral colors with various patterns and are often have that characteristic of a classic work of art.

Like other pool tiles, they are also commonly used as waterline tiles because they do not catch stains as easily as other pool finishes do although you can still find other pools that use porcelain tiles to line the walls and the floors of their swimming pools.

Stone Swimming Pool Tile

Stone Swimming Pool Tile

Stone pool tiles are a variety of swimming pool tiles more commonly seen outside of the pool like the pool decking, pool coping, and pool patios. That’s because stone pool tiles are often found in natural stone and slate colors allowing them to blend perfectly in an outdoor environment. Although they do come in smaller sizes, stone pool tiles often come in larger dimensions making them more appropriate for pool exterior decorations.

Because of its nature, stone pool tiles offer an excellent grip that allows you to prevent slips in and outside of the pool.

All the variety of pool tiles we’ve mentioned above can be used in various ways. One of the most popular is forming a mosaic. Mosaic tiles offer a more distinct and unique approach to pool design and pool remodeling that allows the pool owner to add a personal touch to the overall design and outcome of the swimming pool. Considered as an artform, coming up with swimming pool tile mosaics entails more than the usual tiling process and is often performed by pool artisans as a small mistake can cause the overall design to look nothing like the planned layout.

Here at Pool Plaster Central, we offer different swimming pool tiling services from standard pool tile application to custom-made pool mosaics. Our projects are manned by our skilled professionals so rest assured we will finish the project the best way possible. Our team is adept in various pool designs and tiling techniques learned from years of experience in the field. You name it, we can make it. Contact the best pool professionals today and find out how Pool Plaster Central can help you achieve your dream pool.

Pool Tile Installation Process

Adding pool tiles can certainly help pool owners improve the look and the feel of their property. However, installing swimming pool tiles is not easy feat. While you can take on pool tiling as a DIY project, you’ll most probably have a hard time installing new pool tiles on your poll if you haven’t had any experience in applying and installing the tiles yourself. That said, a simple eight-hour project may turn to a week-long commitment. Moreover, the tile that was supposed to make your pool stand out may just even make it stick out like a sore thumb. So, to make sure that you get the best out of your investment, contact pool professionals like Pool Plaster Central to install your pool tile for you.

Like pool plaster and any other pool feature, the installation of swimming pool tiles follows a certain process. If you opt to have Pool Plaster Central install pool tile in your pool, here are a few things you could expect from our trained professionals when undertaking our pool tile installation projects.

Pool Tile process

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