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Pool plaster is a coating applied at the surface of an in-ground concrete swimming pool. Most swimming pool plasters are about a quarter of an inch to about half an inch thick and acts as the protective water-tight layer between the water sitting in the pool and the concrete lying underneath. Swimming pool plasters are smooth and often come in white although tint can be applied to the plaster using pigmented aggregate to give the swimming pool floor the character and the protection it deserves.

Pool plasters are important, not only because they provide additional aesthetic value but also because they are instrumental in providing your backyard swimming pool with the structural integrity it needs to hold the water you swim in. Without the swimming pool plaster, water will make its way into the concrete and into the soil beneath.

Pool Plaster Central is a company dedicated to giving the best pool service and helping pool owners get the best pool plaster on their pool remodeling for their private pool. Here’s why we’re the best.

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Pool Plaster FAQs

How long does pool plastering take?

Pool plaster projects take about an average of one to two weeks. That said, this does not mean that the whole undertaking of installing the new plaster requires two weeks of work. It includes various types of jobs like ordering your materials, coordinating with other jobs, applying the new plaster, and letting it set, these jobs are spread over two weeks to accomplish the best results.

What type of pool plaster do you recommend?

Different types of pool plaster offer various kinds of advantages. As an example, white pool plaster offers a simple design accentuating the brilliance and the beauty of your swimming pool. On the other hand, colored pool plaster offers more resistance to stains making it easier to maintain. Both white and colored plaster is an affordable option making it more appealing to many pool owners. Quartz plaster is a type of pool plaster that uses small quartz stones as aggregates. This allows it to last longer and hold up well against the chemicals in your pool water while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

How long does pool plaster last?

On average, properly maintained pool plaster lasts for about 7 years. Nevertheless, pool owners must be careful in spotting tell-tale signs of pool plaster damage as signs of damage and dilapidation may call for an early pool replastering undertaking.

How do I know my pool needs replaster?

Pool plaster damage is easy to spot, especially on pools that use white plaster. Some of the minor issues include visible marks and stains that cannot be removed using conventional means. There are also peeling of plaster, scaling of the surface, as well as the buildup of minerals like calcium on the pool wall. Then there are major issues like hairline cracks and obvious structural damage to the pool plaster. Should any of these be perceptible, it’s best to contact your pool contractor and seek their advice.

Do you offer warranty for replaster projects?

Yes, we at Pool Plaster Central, stand by our projects and offer warranty for our replaster projects. Please visit our warranty page for more information about our warranty policy.

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Check out the types of pool plaster we offer.

White Plaster

white pool plaster

A tried and tested plaster finish, white plaster is a common fixture in many swimming pools in California.

Many pool owners, especially those living with children and elderlies in their family, often prefer a white pool plaster. Many of our clients who sign up for our Tustin pool plaster services opt to use white plaster because of its benefits.

Here are a few.

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Colored Plaster

colored pool plaster

If you want to spice things up, a colored swimming pool plaster can help add aesthetic value to your aquatic haven. Colored plasters are perfect for swimming pools that are going for an upscale interior pool design and allows to pool owners to match colors for a more cohesive approach to remodeling and renovating their small piece of paradise.

Like white pool plaster, colored pool plaster is durable and reliable when done the right way. We at Central Pool Plaster can help you achieve the best results should you choose a colored plaster applied to your private pool. Different shades of grey are just some of the most common options when it comes to colored plaster, but other colors can be achieved through the use of colored pigments added into the plaster mix before it is applied.

Here are just some of the advantages of using a colored plaster in your pool.

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Quartz Plaster

quartz pool plaster

Quartz plaster can be considered as a modern pool finish that combines beauty and strength.

Major Quartz pool plasters are made using the same ingredients as white and colored plaster. However, instead of sand, they use crushed quartz stone making it more durable and reliable. While different companies who manufacture quartz plasters claim to be the better plaster, they will only be as good as the person applying it. No one applies quartz plasters as we do so make sure to have Pool Plaster Central your choice when you’re planning for a major plaster project.

Here are some of the advantages of using quartz pool plaster in your swimming pool.

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Pool Plaster Process

Although there are tons of do-it-yourself articles about plastering a pool on your own, the actual undertaking of chipping out the old plaster, sanding the edges, spraying acid wash, prepping the plaster, and applying the solution is no easy feat. We’re here to talk about the step-by-step process involved in plastering your swimming pool and why you should trust a project this fastidious to professionals who understand the science and practice the art of applying underwater pool plaster on the daily.

pool plastering

We at Pool Plaster Central have worked on various pool plaster projects in different locations around Los Angeles making us the best choice when you need professionals to help you with applying new plaster to your private pool. We have made a mark in the pool industry through our Tustin pool plaster, Santa Ana pool plaster, Costa Mesa pool plaster, Anaheim pool plaster, Garden Grove pool plaster, and Fountain Valley pool plaster where we continue to service our clients through our weekly maintenance solutions.

Before we start with the ins and outs of pool plaster, let’s talk about why and when to consider a pool replaster project.

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