Pool Decking: Everything you Need to Know

There’s more to a swimming pool than meets the eye. It’s a place where you can rest, relax, and just let it all out. It can also be a venue for friends and families to meet and gather for special events and occasions. That said, you won’t always be spending time in the water, part of owning a swimming pool is basking in the area surrounding it. Often called a deck, this part of your pool is where you often set furniture and other decorative fixtures. It’s a hardscape that not only accommodates pool amenities but is also a place where friends and families can stay before jumping in the water.

Pool Plaster Central offers the best pool decking services to help you build or renovate your pool deck.

Contrary to common belief, pool decks are just as important as any part of your pool. It not only provides space but it also serves as a backdrop to your pool. A good pool decking can make or break the aesthetic value of a pool area as it can either make the pool stand out or stick like a sore thumb. In pool decks, the quality of the materials used matters and can directly affect the quality of the pool deck. While workmanship still plays a vital part, it’s in designing and in planning that makes a pool deck a stunning place that accentuates your swimming pool.

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Pool Decking FAQs

How much does it cost for pool deck?

The cost of building or remodeling a pool deck will depend on the type of materials that are to be used and the amount of work required to finish the project. We’d also have to factor in the breadth of the area where the deck is to be installed. However, on average, pool decks will range somewhere from $5,000 to $7,000. There are various options in terms of style and material when installing a pool deck, here are some estimates on pool deck costs depending on the materials used.

  • Wood deck – $3.00 to $15.00 per square foot
  • Concrete deck – $5.00 to $12.00 per square foot
  • Pavers – $3.00 to $7.00 per square foot

What kind of wood is used for pool decks?

Wooden pool decks use a special variety of wood to help the pool area maintain its structural integrity amidst being exposed to the elements and the treated pool water. That said, you simply just can’t use any kind of wood as it can weaken from the chemicals in the pool area as well as from constant exposure to the sun. Pine is commonly used in pool decks because it’s inexpensive and it can withstand the chemicals in the pool water. It’s also largely available making it an easy choice for many pool owners. However, pine is vulnerable to insect damage and fungal infection. You can also use Cedar not only because of its good looks but also because of its durability and reliability. It’s resilient against moisture as well as with insect damage. It will also hold up well against exposure ton the elements like sun and rain. Teak can also be used for pool decks because of its resistance to insect damage, mold, and mildew. Like Cedar, Teak also boasts an attractive look while requiring very little to no maintenance. Known for its elegance, Redwood makes for a good option for wooden pool decks. Like the two former wood options we’ve covered, Redwood is also resistant to insect damage. Lastly, Mahogany can also be used when wanting to have a wooden pool deck installed in your property. That’s because Mahogany offers unique wooden aesthetics as well as resistance against harsh weather conditions.

How do you build a deck around an inground pool?

Pool decks are an attractive upgrade to most swimming pools. They offer a place to stay and place pool furniture but most importantly, pool decks can be designed to make the swimming pool stand out. There are various options for swimming pool decks like concrete pools known for their durability and longevity and also wooden pool decks that offer a unique aesthetic look and feel as well as a cool and comfortable to rest your feet on when you’re out of the water. There are three main steps to follow when installing a pool deck around an inground pool and let’s use a wooden deck as an example.

First is excavation. Especially in concrete decks, excavating the area where the deck is to be installed is important. Rocks and roots must be removed from the site where the deck is to be built. Next, cut and place the wood. Cut the planks and place them around your in-ground pool, continue until you’ve covered the pool area. Set the remaining woods to complete the deck. Last is finishing. You can place stones around the edges of the wood keeping the wood in place. Wash the wood using a hose and apply a sealer.

If decking feels like a huge undertaking, you can always hire a pool professional.

How much decking should I have around my pool?

The minimum pool deck size is 4 feet wide as the distance of 4 feet allows the swimmers to have a safe distance in terms of entering and exiting the swimming pool. In most municipalities, 4 feet is the standard minimum clearance a swimming pool can have for the deck. Pools can have wider decking but cannot go under a distance of 4 feet.

What is best material for pool deck?

Pool decks can come in many forms. However, one of the most common pool deck material is concrete because of its durability and overall longevity. They last longer than wooden pool decks and hold up well against the elements. In terms of pool decking finishes, the best varieties are stained and stamped concretes. They offer a unique look and feel and will also stay cool longer than other concrete finishes. One of the main purposes of installing pool decks is having a place not only for gatherings but also for a place for friends and families to rest when they are out of the water. Moreover, a pool deck can help your swimming pool stand out or provide a cohesive design from your home extending to the pool area. Stained and stamped concrete pool decks will allow you to enjoy a variety of designs you can match with your pool and your home.

Types of Pool Decking



When designing a pool deck, choosing the exterior flooring is important. Pavers are often a common option for pool owners when designing their pool deck’s finish as pavers are usually an affordable means of redecorating and upgrading your pool area’s looks and aesthetic value. Pavers can be likened to tiles and can be placed above the concrete base of a pool deck which gives the area surrounding your swimming pool a sturdy and attractive look. Using pavers for your pool deck works well with swimming pools that have tiles for its interior finish as this creates a more cohesive design with the styling of the pool interior extending to the pool deck. Pavers do come in various designs, sizes, and shapes which can help create a rustic vibe or provide a deck area with a modern atmosphere.

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Grey Concrete

Grey Concrete

Many pool decks use a concrete base. Concrete decks are known for their durability, longevity, and their ability to handle the elements as most pool decks are located outdoors.

Grey concrete is another popular choice amongst pool owners when choosing an exterior finish for their pool deck. Grey concrete provides the pool deck area with cool undertones that can help make the swimming pool area look more inviting especially on a hot summer day. Grey concrete comes in various ranges from a lighter shade of grey to darker tones allowing you select the right hue to match your swimming pool and the structures surrounding the pool area.

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Colored Concrete

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is unique because of its versatile design having had the concrete distressed and cut into various patterns and designs. This type of pool deck allows pool owners and pool professionals alike to come up with various themes and designs for their swimming pools as the colored concrete can be stained or colored with various hues and cut into different shapes. Colored concrete can be had in various colors to match the design and the atmosphere of your pool interior. The variety of colors available with colored concrete are wider compared to grey concrete since grey concretes only offer various shades of grey while colored concrete offers a much generous option when it comes to selecting the hue of your pool deck area. One of the most common colored concrete options are sandy white and beige as well as earth-toned concrete pool decks as they pair quite well with rustic-looking homes and offer a warm undertone to an otherwise boring backdrop.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a variety of colored concrete pool deck and provides additional dimensions in terms of design as a colored concrete only allows you to adjust the color of your pool deck while stamped concrete adds various patterns and effects that will further elevate the look and aesthetic value of your pool. Stamped concrete offers a durable finish that’s also beautiful, and low maintenance as well as a wide range of styles for customization and personalization. If character is important to you and your pool, using stamped concretes make for a great option when selecting a pool exterior finish.

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Pool Decking Process

Pool decks are an essential part of your swimming pool, they serve not only as a place to house your pool furniture but is also a place of gathering, a place where memories are made and remembered. That said, you want those memories to be good with a stunning backdrop that your guests will talk about or years to come and would want to come back to for future gatherings. Whether it’s a fun birthday or an outdoor campaign playing D&D with your old buddies, a good pool deck can make these memories all the more unforgettable.

We at Pool Plaster Central are experts in pool decking and our services are the best the industry has to offer – bar none. We’re backed by pool professionals that don’t just bank on years of experience but are also licensed, insured, so you’re sure that you’re getting the best pool decking services for your money.

To help you understand the process of what happens during one of our pool decking projects, here are some common steps used in pool decking.

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