20 Pool Tile Ideas for 2020

20 Pool Tile Ideas for 2020

Are you looking for pool ideas for your backyard pool? Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll look at some of the best designs created with pool tiles that you can use as inspiration for your pool tile this 2020. But before we begin, let’s talk about pool tiles and why it’s the choice of many pool owners looking to give their private piscinas a unique look.

What is pool tile?

Unlike your regular ceramic pool, pool tile is made specifically for swimming pools. As you may know, your pool water gets treated with chemicals to keep the water clean and clear. These chemicals can weather down the average kitchen and bathroom tile causing them to wear out and eventually break. Pool tiles, on the other hand, are made of non-porous materials coated with a specially formulated glaze preventing water from penetrating and the tile from cracking. Pool tile can hold up well against pool water and the pressure of holding large amounts of treated water.

Pool tile is also the top choice of pool owners not only for its inherent durability but also for its aesthetic quality. Who could say no to the sight of a pool with glistening waters made more beautiful by a combination of white and blue tiles. And if you think Mediterranean pools are beautiful, you better buckle up, because that’s barely scratching the surface. In this list, we’ll be looking at 20 of the most beautiful pool tile ideas. from simple step tiles to intricate mosaics. We’ll be listing inspiring ideas you can copy to give your pool a new look this 2020. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Garden Flower Pool Tile

Garden Flower Pool Tile

Often made from high-quality frost-proof ceramic, garden flower pool tiles offer floral elements into your pool. Garden flower pool tiles come in various designs with hibiscus flowers as one of the most popular. Because lush gardenscapes are becoming popular, especially as a backdrop for most in-ground and above-ground pools, garden flower pool tiles have found their way into the interior of landscaped backyard pools.

2. Mini Dolphin Pool Tile

Mini Dolphin Pool Tile

Ah, dolphins! They never go out of style. Hand-glazed and frost-proof, these ceramic mini dolphin tiles add life and style to an otherwise plain backyard pool. Like the aforementioned garden flower tiles, these mini dolphin tiles come pre-assembled, so all your contractor has to do is lay them into the pool’s floor or walls. They can be had in various styles but this year has seen an increased number of metallic mini dolphins because of its ability to catch the light while still blending in nicely with your pool décor.

3. Outlined Animal Pool Tile

Outlined Animal Pool Tile

We’re still not done with aquatic life. This year has seen a variety of pool trends and outlined animal pool tiles are one of them. One of the most popular of these varieties is the outlined turtle mosaic tile. It offers a unique addition to your in-ground pool giving it more dimension and character. These tiles are often used as centerpieces with varying sizes from 16 x 10 inches to 36 x 23 inches.

4. Glow In The Dark Outlined Animal Pool Tile

Glow In The Dark Outlined Animal Pool Tile

For those who like to swim under the moonlight, having a glow in the dark version of the above animal pool tile is perfect. It’s made using the same high-quality ceramic tiles but can absorb sunlight by day and glows as soon as the sun goes away. These glow in the dark ceramic mosaic tiles.

5. Mermaid Pool Tile

Mermaid Pool Tile

Mermaids are also a mainstay when it comes to pool decoration. Not only are they a part of myth and magic but they can now become a part of your backyard pool. Mermaids have been known as beautiful and attractive, and these mosaic tiles can endow the same magic into your pool making it more inviting to friends and families who come over. These mosaic pool tiles are made out of hand-carved, hand-painted mosaic tiles that are often a quarter of an inch thick.

6. Outlined Mermaid Pool Tile

Outlined Mermaid Pool Tile

As it is in most outlined pool tiles, this outlined mermaid pool tile is a mosaic pool tile made from high-quality handcrafted materials. It also comes in large sizes making it a great centerpiece on your pool floor. It spans sizes from 48 x 35 inches to 72 x 52 inches. They’re a fun addition that swimmers of all ages can appreciate. It can be used for both residential pools and commercial pools.

7. Glass Coral Reef Pool Tile

Glass Coral Reef Pool Tile

Back with more plant life, but this time with underwater plant life. Glass coral reef pool tiles give your pool a beautiful ocean theme. It’s made from a bright and colorful blend of screen printed, water jet cut mosaic that does not easily fade. It’s an eye-catching addition to your pool that’s sure to get the attention of guests and nosy neighbors.

8. Sunburst Medallion Pool Tile

Mini Seashell Pool Tile

Having a sunburst medallion pool tile is proof that not everything you put in your pool has to represent what’s underwater. Not only does it look like a sight for sore eyes but it challenges previous concepts of pool design. The bright orange color of these pool tiles pop out of the water and is a breath of fresh air over the common greens and blues. While it still uses the same reliable materials, in terms of design, the sunburst medallion is far from traditional.

9. Beach Ball Pool Tile

Beach Ball Pool Tile

More of pool tiles with bold and striking colors, beach ball pool tiles also caught a lot of attention in the pool industry as of late. Its colorful lines are perfect for fun pool parties whether you’re hosting an event for your friends and colleagues or simply just spending an entertaining afternoon with your kids. Having a beach ball pool tile can certainly liven up the mood whether you’re serving beers and barbecue or if you’re dishing out sodas and chips. It comes in a variety of sizes making it a versatile pool decoration.

10. Seahorse Pool Tile

Seahorse Pool Tile

Having seahorses in your pool gives your pool more than just a unique look. As we’ve briefly covered above, this year saw various trends and one of them is moving away from traditional greens and blues used on pool interiors. The seahorse pool tile combines two of 2020’s trend, an ocean theme and the use of warm undertones.

11. Mini Seashell Pool Tile

Mini Seashell Pool Tile

Bringing back the ocean theme, the mini seashell pool tile offers a great choice for pool owners who want to give their pools a timeless design. Like dolphins, seashells never go out of trend. On that note, it’s more of a long-term ornamental tile and you won’t have to worry about resurfacing your pool just so you can catch up with the trends. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these types of small decorative tiles can be used to line the steps, the walls, or the floor of your pool.

12. Large Butterfly Pool Tile

Large Butterfly Pool Tile

A perfect statement tile, butterflies offer a great deal of aesthetic quality to your pool. It’s a realistic design choice for someone who wants to give their backyard pool a touch of both classic and modern feel. Nothing can be said about this butterfly pool tile except that it’s big and gorgeous. Like most of the pool tiles in this list, this large mosaic is made under the hands of skilled artisans making it the perfect centerpiece for your beautiful pool.

13. Hummingbird Pool Tile

Hummingbird Pool Tile

After butterflies come the hummingbirds. These decent-sized pool tiles are great accent trim and border tiles. They bring the element of a beautiful garden into your pool making it so that it shares the same aesthetic value, especially if your backyard has been landscaped. It’s an interesting addition to your pool interior as it’s an uncommon choice for pool owners. Could be a good conversation piece when you and your friends take a dip in the pool.

14. Monogram Pool Tile

Monogram Pool Tile

Adding a personal stamp in your backyard pool? Monogram mosaic tiles are what you should be looking for. Yes, it’s still a thing and is something you’d usually find in pools of the privileged and the socially elite. It can be had in various styles and in different letters of course.

15. Fleur de Lis Pool Tile

Fleur de Lis Pool Tile

If you’ve noticed, we’re moving in from the conventional to more of the classic style. The fleur de lis have been used to line victorian style swimming pools making them a classic staple. They can be used as an accent for your pool step or for your waterline. Nevertheless, this classic design can add a pop of contrast in an otherwise modern-looking backyard pool.

16. Greek Meander Pool Tile

Greek Meander Pool Tile

While we’re in the topic of classics, you can have your in-ground pool outfitted with a classic Greek motif. The meander is a popular pattern in 2020 and is used in various pools, residential and commercial alike. While often used in your pool’s waterline, it can also be used as a beautiful pattern for your pool’s floor. This lets you emanate the bathhouses of old only, it’s in your backyard.

17. Radiant Beauty Step Marker Pool Tile

Radiant Beauty Step Marker Pool Tile

Often made from porcelain, this step marker does more than accentuate your pool’s steps. It offers a unique aesthetic appeal that makes for a head-turning pattern that brings the swimmer’s attention to the dimensions of the steps underwater. It provides a skid and slip-resistant feel with just the right amount of traction. It’s durable and it’s beautiful.

18. Crystal Sky Mandala Pool Tile

Crystal Sky Mandala Pool Tile

Pretty much like the aforementioned step marker, the crystal sky mandala offers a mesmeric sight giving your pool the beauty it deserves. Seeing just how beautiful this pool tile is enough to make you a believer. It’s a combination of traditional and contemporary design that makes for a perfect centerpiece for any backyard or commercial swimming pool. It often comes in light blue hues but can be had in striking yellow colors.

19. Blue Fish Medallion Pool Tile

Blue Fish Medallion Pool Tile

Going back to the basics of pool design and engineering, the blue fish medallion pool tile is a good example of what a good simple design does to a pool. Often used as a central decoration for most pools, this offers a somewhat modern abstract of various designs of fishes.

20. Custom Design Pool Tile

Custom Design Pool Tile

While there are a lot of templates you can copy if you want to spice up your pool game, nothing beats having a custom design of your own. You can go ham and have one in the pattern of a guitar, a ball, a plant, or anything that piques your fancy. The choices are limitless.

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