15 Best Pool Remodeling Ideas for 2020

15 Best Pool Remodeling Ideas for 2020

Pool remodeling is one of the ways you can improve the aesthetic quality and structural integrity of your backyard pool. And, because we’ve all been stuck in quarantine for the past few months, now is the right time to give your pool a makeover. That said, here are 15 pool remodeling ideas for your inspiration.

1. Aquatic Therapy/Water Therapy Pool

Aquatic Therapy-Water Therapy Pool

Not all pools are remodeled not for the purpose of cosmetic beauty or to repair any damaged structure. Some pool owners get their pools remodeled to use them for water therapy. One of the most common undertakings involved in this pool remodeling idea is shallowing the pool floor. The depth should be enough that you can submerge half of your body creating an environment that allows your body to heal while reducing the overall stress level.

Along with changing the pool’s depth are other features you can add including jets and heaters.

2. Lap Pool

Lap Pool

While some have their pools remodeled for aquatic therapy, others do it for aquatic exercise. Lap pools are one of the most popular pool remodeling ideas that can repurpose your backyard pool into one that exercises your muscles and relaxes your mind.

Lap pools are often long and shallow enough for one or two persons to run a few laps so make sure to talk to your contractor about how you should go about remodelling your pool into a lap pool. You can change the pool’s shape, size, and depth to accommodate either a two lane or a single lane lap pool. It’s a good idea if you’re into fitness and if you have a small backyard.

3. Pool and Spa

Pool and Spa

Can’t decide between a pool or a spa? Why not have both? Many pools are built with adjoining spas that are either raised or at the same height as the actual pool. A pool and spa combo has many benefits including the therapeutic advantages of a water therapy pool and the recreational pleasure of a private piscina. On one hand, senior guests can rest and relax in the shallow spa while younger ones can swim in play in the larger pool. A practical remodeling idea that turns your backyard into a multi-purpose resort.

4. Baja Step




Speaking of resorts, you can elevate your backyard pool by having your contractor install a Baja step. A Baja step or Baja shelf is a shallow expanse serving as both an entry point and a lounge area in your pool. It’s often found on large resorts where relatively large pool chairs and pool umbrellas are lined up. You can bask in the summer sun with a book on one hand and a glass of wine on the other.

5. Waterfalls


Another great feature to add in your pool when remodeling are waterfalls. While the ones you see in Instagram and in Pinterest are large ones with faux or natural stones, many backyard pools have small waterfalls that either descend from a raised spa or from a raised stone pillar. While you can always go all out with your pool contractor in building a large grotto, there are definitely more affordable alternatives.

A waterfall adds serenity and tranquility to an otherwise bland background. The swooshing of the waters trickling down the pool makes for a relaxing reverberation that soothes the mind and the soul.

6. Water Slides

Pool with Water Slides

If you’re the kind who can use some noise and a little bit of fun, having water slides instead of waterfalls might be a better idea. It’s great if you’ve got kids and if you like to entertain guests who like to think of themselves as kids. Like waterfalls, you’d see a lot of larger-than-life water slides if you go on social media but you can always talk to your pool contractor in finding a more practical alternative.

7. Glass Wall Pool

Glass Wall Pool

While most glass-walled swimming pools are found on hotels and resorts, you can take the same inspiration and bring the same look and feel into your home pool. The technical term used for glass pools or glass-walled pools is open top window. Installing a glass wall in your pool makes for an exciting feature that sets a backyard pool apart from the others.

If you have an in-ground concrete pool don’t worry. You can talk to your pool contractor about putting up a raised wall where you can set up a glass wall. Yours will be the envy of the whole block when you have a glass wall pool.

8. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

Like glass-walled pools, infinity pools are ones you usually see on resorts and retreats although the same design can be achieved with a backyard pool. An infinity pool is made to create a visual effect of water with no boundaries. While it’s often ideal for pools faced with a panoramic view, it also makes for a great feature for above-ground pools and in-ground concrete pools with raised walls. In fact, you can combine the elements of an infinity pool and a glass-walled pool to make your pool the ultimate backyard oasis.

9. Natural Pool

Natural Pool

When we say natural we mean man-made but has a natural look and feel to it. Natural pools are often ones that have pool interiors with pebble stones paired with decks that are lined with natural stones. A natural pool will also include some landscaping to provide the pool area with a backdrop befitting of its natural-looking atmosphere.

There are a lot of options to choose from when you opt to remodel your pool with a natural vibe. You can go anywhere from polls that look like natural ponds or pools that bring tropical vibes in your backyard. Whether you’re for reminiscing past vacations or living out new ones, a natural pool will do just the trick.

10. Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

As the name implies, an indoor pool is one that’s inside and under a roof. Ideally you’d want to have at least two or three walls to shelter you and your pool furniture from the elements. One benefit of having an indoor pool is that you can pretty much enjoy pool season almost all year round, especially if you live in areas with a warm climate. An indoor pool can also be furnished with a kitchen, a large screen, and a bar. There’s a lot you can do with an indoor pool which makes it a great idea for pool remodeling.

11. Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool

It’s the very opposite of what an indoor pool is. However, an outdoor pool allows you to enjoy more of nature and appreciate the warm sun and the cool wind. An outdoor pool is also more flexible when it comes to remodeling since most of the available water features on the market are made for outdoor pools. Plus, you can have barbecues when you have an outdoor pool.

12. Outdoor/Indoor Pool

Outdoor-Indoor Pool

Ah, the best of both worlds. Pretty much like having half of your body covered in a blanket with the other half exposed – it’s just right. You’ll have one half of the pool sheltered and all while the other half is out there in the sun. You can enjoy the benefits of having a roof for when it’s too hot outside and a chance to brave the elements should you feel a little outdoorsy. And the transition between the two is smooth enough that the design elements of both the indoor and outdoor sections blend together.

13. Architectural Pool

Architectural Pool

An architectural pool follows the architectural structure of the house or the gazebo sitting next to it. It gives your property a cohesive look, be it in terms of the color palette, structural outlines, and/or aesthetic value. If your house was built with a warm and rustic vibe, then your pool can have a deck of brick stamped concrete and have similar brick bull-nose coping. If you have a Southern-style gazebo sitting perpendicular to your pool, the pool can be remodeled using inspiration from the same Southern style. Architectural pools are perfect for pool owners that want to extend the style of their homes to their backyard oases.

14. Modern Pool

Modern Pool

Modern pools don’t always have to be outfitted with the latest features and equipment. Modern is more of an artistic approach and a mindset rather than the type of equipment you install in your pool.

Modern pools usually use cool undertones and have minimalistic aesthetics. This means less clutter and you’ll find only the things that matter. That said, if you want a modern pool for your next pool remodeling, you’d be seeing a lot of stylish lounge chairs and relatively fashionable side tables that will give your pool and your deck a fresh and updated look. For the interior, you can do away with plaster but light-colored pebble stones are befitting of this modern style.

15. Mediterranean Pool

Mediterranean Pool

When it comes to swimming pools, this design never goes out of style. Mediterranean pools are the epitome of leisure and luxury. Quite the exact opposite of modern pool design, Mediterranean pools love to play with warm and mellow colors. They take heavy inspiration from European architecture that uses a lot of red, yellow, and orange accents like terra cotta and rustic wood. It also uses vivid blue and lavender ornamental tiles. You’ll also see a lot of greens and plant life which gives your backyard an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.

And that’s it, 15 of some of the best pool remodeling ideas for 2020. We hope that you’d find your inspiration in these ideas to help you decide when remodeling your pool. And for professional quality pool remodeling services, contact us at Pool Plaster Central today.

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