We consider ourselves experts in pool plastering and offer top-tier pool plastering services. Ours is a tried and tested approach to pool plastering with the use of power and pneumatic tools for precise and efficient plastering from start to finish. Trust in pool professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Here at Pool Plaster Central, we give your swimming pool the treatment it deserves.

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We’re a team of highly dedicated pool pros with no other goal than helping you improve and rebuild your swimming pool.

We know that one of the most neglected parts of pool maintenance is pool plastering. Many of today’s pool owners focus on what the eye can see like pool decks, wall tiles, pool furniture – everything above the water. However, taking care of the shell that separates water and concrete is as important as taking care of the visible and tangible components of your private pool. When you need professionals who understand pool plaster like no other, Pool Plaster Centrals is the company you call.

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Other Pool Services we Offer

Pool Pebble

Do you want to give your private pool a more natural aesthetic feel? We’ll help you install pool pebbles on your aquatic escape using the best materials on the market today.

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Pool Tile

Whether you’re going for mosaics or a minimalist approach for your pool, tiles make for a perfect addition to your aquatic escape! Whether it's an impervious or a vitreous finish, we can make it happen.

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Pool Coping

When it comes to styling your swimming pool accents do matter. Our pool coping services will provide your swimming pool the proper form and framework it deserves.

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Pool Decking

We’re crazy about creating the perfect platform for your swimming pool, here at Pool Plaster Central, we’ll help you find the ideal pool deck to match your piscina.

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